What criteria should I look for to select a new hybrid bike model?

Support ForumCategory: Hybrid BikeWhat criteria should I look for to select a new hybrid bike model?
tmanner asked 2 months ago

I want to buy a hybrid bike for riding. Which bike is best for me?

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MHossain Staff answered 2 months ago

For the frame, I suggest a bias towards strength over weight, especially if you are adding luggage that increases weight. The other problem for the frames is the adjustment , which on a flat bar bike can be quite forgiving, as long as the frame is the right size. The selection and configuration of the bicycle is something that any bicycle specialist should be able to do, although some are more competent and more willing than others (a less than ideal experience with Halfords and a road bike for a few years). behind).
All modern bicycles have gears controlled from the bars, although actual changers vary.
Any bicycle in its price range is likely to have V-brakes. Changing and adjusting them is something you can learn to do in less than an hour, assuming you’ve never done something like this before, but you can use hand tools. For the third time it will be a 5-10 minute job. NB you could find cable disc brakes at that price, but the brakes on entry – level V seem better than entry level disks.
As it seems to interest you, it only works instead of the maximum speed or the ability to handle difficult terrain, I strongly suggest flat tires. I ride a similar bike (a little more expensive a few years ago), so some ideas: I wore a game of Schwalbe Road Cruiser 35s (over ~ 5000 miles) and I liked them, and now I’m in the hardest and most expensive marathon, which seems less adherent, but I have also opted for narrower tires. The continental comfort contact are similar to road cruises. The installation of flat tires can be a difficult job: have the bike shop do it when you buy it.
Depending on where you are, you can have access to one or more one-brand bike stores (you could easily reach Giant and Specialized). It is worth seeing them if only by comparison in price / range / service with someone independent.