What types of bikes should i buy?

how many types of bikes?

There are many types of bikes on the market. However, below are some common types of bicycle photos and descriptions like those you’ll see at your local bike shop, along with a few bikes that you can find at specialty shops.  

The category names are based on current conventions, but regional variations exist and in some cases bikes may possess characteristics of more than one category, making them a little tricky to describe. The models shown were selected to represent a full range of the available types and not for promotional purposes.  

types of bikes

What Type Of Bicycle Should I Buy?

Work with your local bike professional to select a model and brand that makes sense for you. If you are interested in collecting a bike, you must read the reviews. Only then can you decide which bike you want to collect. If you are interested in more details of a bike, be sure to click on the button below each bike. Lets Go.. 

01. Road Bikes

This bike is referred to as the highest 21-speed, although this speed also increases with the generation. However, the best 21-speed is currently in operation. But there are also more, including 3-speed, 5-speed, and 7-speed. 

Road bikes are ordinary bikes with drop handlebars, 27-inch (700 mm) diameter tires, front and rear derailleurs, 8 to 11 sprockets in cassette, usually 2 but sometimes 3 chaining, and caliper brakes. The bike is used for travel, ride or racing, so the tires are in the medium to super skinny width. 

Road bike frames are made of ordinary aluminum, steel, carbon fiber or titanium. As the name implies, road bikes are meant for fast driving on smooth, wide surfaces. 

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02. Mountain Bikes

Mountain Bike is designed for riding on rough paths made of dirt or gravel. To facilitate this, the tires can be wide (known as fat tires) and can be driven heavy or knife. The bike frame is short for stand over height. 

The bike may have a shock absorbed suspension to smooth the ride and provide even more control. The suspension may simply be on the front fork, or the bike may be completely suspended, meaning the front and rear wheels are suspended. The handlebars are straight bars. 

The shift is done with any grip shift or thumb shift. Brake levers are staggering with short reach so you can easily mount with two fingers on the brakes, and the brake cantilever, linear tension or disc styles allow for greater stopping power and more discounts for mud. 

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03. Hybrid Bikes

A hybrid bike, which combines the features of mountain bikes and road bikes with an easy-to-ride package. The frame is usually smaller, with the top tube of a jerk like a mountain bike. The handlebars are usually flat, with mounting bars, as well as a bend or thumb shifter. 

The wheels and tires are narrower and smoother than mountain bikes for easy movement on smooth surfaces. Brakes are usually cantilever or linear pool style to provide greater clearance and better braking power. At present it is the good types of bikes for smooth riding. 

Schwinn Discover best hybrid bike for Men

04. Comfort Bikes

A comfortable bike usually offers a steep ride position with curved handlebars. The seat is efficient and the tires are spacious enough to provide a smooth ride. The seat post may have a suspension to prevent further damping on the road, and a suspension of the front fork. Comfort bikes usually have triple chaining to provide plenty of gear choices. 

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05. Cruisers Bikes

These bikes are commonly called beach bikes. Most of Cruisers Bikes are single speed with coaster brakes, though many have gear and hand brakes. The cruisers feature rear handlebars and are usually configured so that the rider can have both feet flat on the ground while seated. These bikes have large cushy tires so they can be easily mounted on sand and gravel. 

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06. Commuter Bikes

A commuter bike may feature a steep riding position or have a more horizontal riding position. The frame of the bike is fairly tight. The bike’s tire is moderately wide to provide some cushioning, but narrow enough to allow for good speed. A dedicated passenger bike will come with fenders and racks installed, otherwise a passenger bike frame has attachment points (braze-ons) for this gear. 

Retrospec Harper commuter bike

07. Cyclocross Bikes

A cyclocross bike is one for best for cyclocross sports. Cyclocross involves cycling through rough terrain and moving the bike facing obstacles. Since cyclocross is usually done during the cycling off season (winter or monsoon) courses are usually rusty. Or snow and snow. 

A cyclocross bike looks like a road bike with drop handlebars, but the gearing is similar to a mountain bike and the tires are wider and longer, but not as much as a mountain bike. The brakes are usually cantilever or linear pull. Many travelers choose for a cyclocross bike for their daily commute. 

Colnago Cyclocross Types of Bicycle

08. Folding Bikes

Folding bikes are exactly  foldable. They are folded into a compact, lightweight bundle that can be easily carried by a handle or strap. They have smaller diameter wheels and are usually made of lightweight aluminum. 

Some folders are light and compact enough for public transport, while others simply fold or tear a bundle that fits into the trunk of the car. Coupling bikes often have full-size bikes with joints in the upper and lower tubes so they can be folded in half. 

Schwinn loop folding types of bicycle

09. Recumbent Bikes

A heavily crafted design is made so that you are sitting on a chair and your legs are sitting out in front of you. There is no single standard design for accredited ones. Some have a 27-inch wheel in the back and a 20-inch wheel in the front.

Someone has two small wheels. For some the front wheel may be under the rider. The handlebars can be in front of the rider or under the seat. The biggest benefit of a recumbent bike is that no pressure is placed on the arms and hands, and the seat provides support. Re-selected tricycles are also available 

10. BMX bikes

BMX is a special bike that is ideal for trick riding or track riding or trail riding. This bike has a gear, sometimes a coaster brake, short frame. If it has a hand brake, these are engineered so that the handlebars can be cut without interruption. The wheels are usually 20 inches in size. The seat is low so it does not interfere with the driver when doing tricks or jumps. 

mongoose BMX bike

11. Fixed Gear Bikes

A fixed gear bike is practically any style bike that has a forward gear and no free hill or coaster brakes. With a fixed gear bike you can pedal either front or back, and this is the direction you are headed. Commonly used for track racing, many city riders have adopted this as a bicycle simplicity.

This is not a bike for a casual ride, as it usually does not have the brakes without the resistance you need to slow down your tempo and only has one gear that makes the hill difficult. 

Schwin Fixed Gear Bikes

12. Tandem Bikes

Yes, the bike built for both is still around and better than ever. Tandems are available in Road, Mountain and Hybrid versions. Tandem are great for matchless riders because powerful riders can never come much farther than weak riders! 

The tandems have heavy duty wheels and advanced frame structure to support the driver’s weight. They often have a disc brake for extra stopping power. 

Kent tandem bikes type

13. Cargo Bikes

Cargo bikes may have extended seats and chain studs to allow for longer racks and platforms to be installed on the rear wheels, or they may have cargo platforms in front of the driver. 

Some versions are tricycle like an old bicycle-made ice cream cart. Cargo bikes have gearing and brakes to reduce heavy load acceleration and deceleration. 

Schwinn Cargo Types of Bikes

So here are about 13 types of bikes mentioned. However, if you read this post, you will understand that you need some kind of bike. So read on earlier to buy a bike later. 

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